Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones

Middle Tennessee Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Mark Sherfey, M.D. in Putnam County, incorporates Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy into his Preventative Medicine approach. He looks at the whole person when developing a treatment plan, and for patients suffering from hormonal imbalances he often uses Bioidentical Hormones to alleviate symptoms. Hormones affect many functions of the human body and are so interrelated that it may be difficult to determine the specific cause of one symptom or another. Due to this, doctors many times isolate these symptoms and treat each symptom individually, prescribing one medicine for insomnia, another for headaches, etc. This is a result of treating a symptom rather than exploring the root cause of the discomfort. It becomes increasingly frustrating for the patient. Had the doctor made the connection between the many symptoms and hormonal imbalance many of these symptoms could be treated as a single cause and not individually.

After realizing that hormones may address these multiple symptoms some doctors may suggest synthetic hormone replacement therapy after other treatments fail to bring relief.  Synthetic hormones are generally given in pill form to be taken orally.

However, synthetic hormones are associated with several serious health conditions, including endometrial cancers, blood clots, heart attack, abnormal liver function, and pancreatitis. Additionally, they generally take longer for the body to accept and process. In the human body, estradiol and progesterone are released directly into the bloodstream, whereas when the hormones are given by mouth, they must first pass through the liver, where a large amount of hormone in rendered inactive.

While the above complications are uncommon, many people do experience common side effects like nausea and muscle cramping. These can be bothersome enough for them to stop taking the synthetic hormones or prescription pills their doctors have given them.

How Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is Different

The first major difference between Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and synthetic hormones is that Bioidentical Hormones are created from natural plant based extracts. The natural hormones in these plants remain unchanged during the compounding process because they are nearly identical to the natural hormonal structure that exists in the human body. For most people on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, the similar cellular structure means that the compound is metabolized by their body faster and easier. With their hormones in balance, men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, and beyond are able to enjoy renewed energy, better health, and a more positive outlook on life.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones

Due to the natural interactions of Bioidentical Hormones and the body, patients in Middle Tennessee in Putnam County are able to experience prolonged symptom relief without the risk of further complications or any undesirable side effects.

Weight Loss
When hormones are imbalanced, metabolism may begin to slow down, and weight gain can occur. In syndromes such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, weight gain may occur due to a surplus of male hormones, and during menopause, weight can accumulate because of an estrogen deficiency or other hormone imbalances.
Improved Sleep
The hypothalamus is responsible for setting the body’s cycles for eating, sleeping, and waking up. This gland is regulated by hormones, and when they fall out of balance, a person may experience insomnia, trouble staying asleep, or waking up very early and being unable to fall back asleep.
Healthy Skin
Estrogen influences collagen production, which keeps skin youthful and elastic, and if estrogen is deficient, skin can feel dry and wrinkled. Other hormone imbalances may cause acne or an overproduction of oil.
Higher Libido
Hormones govern sexual function and reproduction, and hormonal decline can cause sexual desire to decrease. When hormones are restored to proper balance and harmony, libido can increase to healthy levels.

Decreased Hot Flashes
The hypothalamus regulates temperature in the body, and when hormones are insufficient, body temperature can fluctuate to uncomfortable levels. This fluctuation may cause a person to feel exceedingly hot, and hormone balance can regulate body temperature.
Healthier Moods
Hormonal imbalances can affect brain chemistry, and this may cause feelings of anxiety, anger, depression, and sadness. When hormones are balanced, moods can become healthier and elevate happiness.

Increased Bone Density
When estrogen is deficient, calcium absorption may not be entirely effective, and the bones can develop a calcium insufficiency. As a result, bones may become brittle and porous, and the condition of osteoporosis can develop. When hormones are excreted in proper amounts, the bones may be able to absorb calcium and other nutrients more effectively to increase bone health and density.

Night Sweats
Hormone deficiencies can cause surges of heat and cold, and night sweats may occur due to improper signals being sent to the hypothalamus, which is the body’s temperature control center.

While Dr. Sherfey maintains an out-patient only based practice, he feels that he still has ample time to evaluate and develop personalized patient treatment plans.

Monterey Tennessee BHRT Doctor Mark Sherfey’s office is in a simple, residential setting serving the residents of Putnam County in Middle Tennessee. He strives to help his patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. In between office visits, communications and follow-ups can be through phone, letters, email and/or fax for some patients. This may be helpful for out of area patients after initial evaluation.

Call Middle Tennessee Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Mark Sherfey, M.D. ion Putnam County to discuss the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and to schedule your consultation..